More evidence that Paula Deen is the antichrist

My problem with Paula Deen isn’t that she cooks with too much butter or in other really unhealthy ways.  My problem with her is how she goes about selling her shitty product, mainly with the over the top Southern everything, trying to come across as some simpleton when you know beneath it all she’s probably a really shrewd bitch who couldn’t possibly talk that slow.

And the magazine covers, for god’s sake, have you ever seen that stretched, horrible looking sex doll plastic face gazing back at you in the checkout line at the grocery store?  Simply put it’s pretty fucking disturbing.  I keep waiting for Nate to ask “What’s that?” instead of “Who’s that?”


And now comes this bit of news.  I’m not celebrating the fact that it’s rumoured that she has type II diabetes.  But to turn that into a money making enterprise via an endorsement for the company that makes the medicine she takes more than pisses me off.  Frankly I think it’s pretty disgusting, seeing as the disease she has is pretty preventable and she’s going to profit on that.  No doubt it’s more evidence of that shrewd businesswoman lurking underneath the fixed mask, but to me it’s more evidence that her soul is as disgusting as she’s made her body.


One thought on “More evidence that Paula Deen is the antichrist

  1. Paula Deen is a disgusting ratbag, par excellence!
    I’ve spent a lot of time in GA and the south in general and NEVER, repeat NEVER heard anyone talk with an accent like that!
    Look at that face for Christs’ sake! She ain’t human!
    I want to see a celebrity death match with Deen VS Martha Stewart. A real battle of the bitches!

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