Favorite albums of 2015

Here they are, my favorite albums of 2015 in order of “least” favorite to favorite.  Quite a few of these have been overlooked in year-end lists which is quite a shame.  I’ve included links where I could so you can listen to the full album and make your own mind up and hopefully discover something new.

As always, enjoy:

B’lieve I’m Goin Down by Kurt Vile:



More Faithful by No Joy:

no joy


From Kinshasa by Mbongwana Star:



Poison Season by Destroyer:



Escape from Evil by Lower Dens:



Hinterland by Lonelady:



Depression Cherry/Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House:


beach house thank your lucky stars


Music Complete by New Order:



Hollow Meadows by Richard Hawley:



Red Kite by Sarah Cracknell:

sarah cracknell


Lease of Life by Errors:

M:CAD DrawingsKey ProductionD0368 CD 4pp GF wallet remus spin


Everything Else Matters by Pinkshinyultrablast:



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