Favorite songs of 2015

This is technically not my complete list of songs from 2015, since I left off songs that are on my favorite albums (the list had really just become too long and clunky).   These are in no particular order, but if I were forced to name an absolute favorite song of the year, Play for Today by Belle & Sebastian would be the one (Surprised?  Yeah, me too.).  Enjoy.

Nothing Like Something Happens Anywhere by The Shinies:


Yesterday by Guy Garvey:


The Wind that Shakes the Barley by Black Rivers:


Like You Do by Applescal:


Gibraltar by Beirut:


Duplex Planet by Deerhunter:


Stone Milker by Bjork:


Mountain at My Gates by Foals:


High-Lo by Broken Water:


Letting Go by Braids:


Play for Today by Belle & Sebastian:


Thought I Was a Spaceman by Blur:


To Have and Hold by The Dears:


Nobody’s Empire by Belle & Sebastian:


Come Home Baby by The Charlatans:


Did You Know by The Go! Team:




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