What I’m listening to, Summer 2015

I find myself with a rare quiet morning to listen to some music and straighten up a little.  I’ve really been enjoying the new Sarah Cracknell album (in fact I much prefer it to the last Saint Etienne one); it made for a great soundtrack to our vacation in the mountains, as did Haha Sound by Broadcast.  For some reason I always thought I didn’t like Broadcast, and then Before We Begin played on Pandora and I was forced to re-examine my prejudice.  It’s always a lovely process to “discover” something from the past.

This late summer/autumn holds some promise for new releases, with Destroyer, Beach House, and Foals all releasing new albums (all on the same day no less).  I’d sort of given up on Foals after Holy Fire, but the new single surpasses my, admittedly low, expectations.  Then there’s Beirut (September 11), Metric (September 18), New Order and The Dears (my expectations for either not being exceedingly high) on September 25, plus the usual surprises that surface here and there.

Nothing Left to Talk About (ft Nicky Wire) by Sarah Cracknell:

Bolas by No Joy:

Battle Lines by The Helio Sequence:

What Went Down by Foals:

Dream Lover by Destroyer:

Bros by Wolf Alice:

Amanjena by Al di Meola:

Before We Begin by Broadcast:

Bigger Bolder by Love is All:

Con Alma by Stan Getz:


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