Favorite Albums 2014

I was going to write a little something for each of these but have run out of time or the will to care to do so.

When I first sat down to compile this list I thought it would be easy because 2014 had often struck me as a bad year for music.  But when I started to get into it, I discovered that the past 12 months have been far better than they seemed on the surface, thankfully.  Enjoy.

10.  Backspace Unwind by Lamb


9.  Ritual in Repeat by Tennis


8.  Flesh & Machine by Daniel Lanois


7.  The Take Off & Landing of Everything by Elbow


6.  Shriek by Wye Oak

wye oak

5.  Inventions by Inventions


4.  High Life by Brian Eno & Karl Hyde


3.  La Petite Mort by James


2.  Familiars by Antlers


1.  Lost in the Dream by The War on Drugs

war on drugs


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