August 17 – Charlie Trotter Day

Last week Eater reported that August 17 will be Charlie Trotter Day.  The weekend of August 16-17 coincides with the anniversary of the opening of Trotter’s eponymous restaurant.

To mark the day, The Trotter Project has requested chefs create a dish inspired by one of Trotter’s, place it on their menu on that weekend and to donate proceeds from these dishes to the Project.

For my part, I obviously have no restaurant to help raise funds, but I have been thinking lately of putting together a menu of Trotter dishes to enjoy at home.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Arborio rice-crusted oysters with baby spinach, sweet and sour beet emulsion
  • Sweet corn soup with grilled lobster mushrooms, shellfish oil
  • Lamb shank tortellini with oven-roasted tomatoes, saffron emulsion, thyme and sage
  • Veal sweetbreads with butternut squash, celery root, sweet corn and veal stock reduction
  • Peach and crème brûlée napoleon with green tea Anglaise and peach juice

To stay true to the spirit of Trotter there will be some improvisation with each dish.




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