Maneul Jangajji (Korean pickled garlic)

IMG_0212I love pickled garlic.  I first encountered it when I worked at a tapas restaurant in Wicker Park in Chicago.  We purchased our Spanish pickles from a local import company, and one of the pickled items in the mix was garlic.  Once I started working there I’m not sure our customers realized that there was supposed to be garlic in the mix because I kept eating it all up during my shifts.

This pickled garlic recipe comes from Korean Bapsang, and undoubtedly the hardest part about it is peeling the garlic (though being patient enough to wait to taste it is pretty difficult too), though I guess one could cheat and purchase peeled garlic, though I don’t think pre-peeled garlic has the same taste.

The garlic is great enough to eat on its own, but I could see it as a garnish to many dishes as well, either sliced or diced finely.

And as the recipe points out, the soy brine, which becomes infused with a sublime garlic flavor, can be used as a dipping or seasoning sauce for another dish.


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