First bites

imageTwo weeks ago Lindsay wasn’t drinking from her bottle at dinner so we decided that then would be a good time to start her on solid foods.  We had some bananas around so I mashed a little piece up; she hasn’t looked back since and is now eating/demanding three meals a day.

Between banana and some sweet potato I roasted and mashed up the other day, it’s difficult to tell which is her favorite.  It’s always fun to see your children experiencing new tastes for the first time, watching them taste and then deciding whether or not they like it.  It’s also rewarding to provide them the food they’re eating and knowing that it’s wholesome.

Which sort of brings me to my point:  how can anyone honestly justify feeding their kids that ghastly jarred shit purchased from grocery stores?  Really, it’s not at all difficult, time-consuming or costly to mash up a banana or roast a sweet potato (or roast a squash, or simmer and pureé an apple or pear in 10 minutes) while you’re watching TV in the evening or cooking yourself dinner.  I do realize that it becomes a little more complex as they get a little older by having to add protein in, but again, it’s not that hard, timely or expensive.  And by the time I’ve about run out of ideas of what to cook for her she’ll have teeth and decent enough motor skills to be eating exactly what we’re eating by her first birthday.

I observed a guy at Harris Teeter recently buying that shit for his daughter who was with him who was plenty old enough to be eating real food.  I just  shook my head.

Sure, Nate has become more selective of what he eats as he’s realized he has the power to not put stuff into his mouth, but he still eats pretty well and by and large eats what we are eating.  He’s also pretty excited about food and even tasting new things from time to time.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most kids who are really picky eaters have probably never really eaten all that well since they started eating solid foods.  It’s all too easy to see feeding an infant as a chore – I know it takes a lot of time – but if you aren’t willing to put in the time I won’t shy away from telling you that you shouldn’t have had children.  They’re little folks who demand a lot of our time and ask a lot of our patience.

Ultimately taking the time to sit down and feed Lindsay, while frustrating at times with her flailing arms (I ended up needing to change my shirt after lunch time today), is really relaxing because there’s nothing else I can do at that time.  How many times a day do you really get the opportunity to say you couldn’t be doing something else?


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