In the “news”

Here are two very different pieces that I’ve read in the past week or so:

The first is a post from  all the way back in June 2012 (hence putting quotes around news in the title of this post) in the Village Voice by James King, which was written in response to Drew Magary’s support of Petty Despot Bloomberg’s proposed ban on large sodas (Magary’s unintelligent 5th-grade-like post is titled “Quit Complaining About Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban, Fatsos”).  King’s piece is worthwhile while Magary’s is not so much unless you like being told you’re too stupid to run your own life and make your own decisions.

The second is local in nature and contains considerably less vitriol:  Andrea Weigl has penned this piece titled “Local Chefs Open Shops that Elevate Humble Items”.  There’s some nice coverage of Ricky Moore who recently opened up Saltbox in Durham.  I have yet to eat there but hope to once the weather warms up.  We were introduced to Moore’s cooking when he was at Glasshalfull in Carrboro and while he was the chef there, Glasshalfull was easily our favorite restaurant in the Triangle.  It’s nice to see him back in charge of something and Saltbox has received some pretty good reviews at a local site or two.  It would be nice not to have the obligatory Ashley Christensen mention, but at least some other chefs garner some recognition.

Happy New Year!


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