More music I’m listening to late spring/early summer 2012

I know I just posted about what I’m listening to a week or so ago, but I’ve stumbled across these as a result of recommendations or by accident:

Brains by Lower Dens:

Wolf Among Men by Mäximo Park

Breathing Underwater by Metric:

Endless Flowers by Crocodiles:

Firewood by Regina Spektor:

And in some truly exciting news, Jim Ruiz is recording a third album (the second and last by Ruiz was the masterpiece Sniff released in 1998).  At breakfast this morning we were listening to Sniff so I decided to do a search on The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group and stumbled across this site as well as this interview.  The first site allows you to donate money towards producing the 3rd album apparently to be called 1965.

Here are some classics (or as many as I could find)  from The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group:


Mij Amsterdam:

My Bloody Yugo:

Urban Gentleman:




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