Butter poached lobster, gnocchi, fava beans, pickled ramps, English peas, proscuitto – Mother’s Day 2012

I made this for Erin last night:

This is actually a pretty easy dish, so long as you’ve made the gnocchi beforehand.  You could use any gnocchi recipe, but I used the one from The French Laundry cookbook (I’ve used several different gnocchi recipes and I’ve gotta say that this recipe makes for the lightest gnocchi possible).  Earlier in the day I blanched my peas and favas, as well as crisped up some diced proscuitto scrap.

To cook the dish, bring a tablespoon or two of water to a boil, remove from the heat and start swirling in 1/4 cup of butter a tablespoon at a time so that it emulsifies.  Season the butter with salt, add lobster (I used tails) and keep over low heat, spooning the butter over the lobster.

In another pan, heat oil and sweat one diced shallot, then add about a quarter cup of white wine, reduce au sec, and add about a half of cup of cream, reducing until nappé.  Season, add the ramps, peas and fava beans.

When the lobster is just about ready, drop gnocchi into salted boiling water (12-13 per person).  When it floats, strain and place the gnocchi in the cream mixture and toss.

Spoon the gnocchi/cream mixture into a large bowl, sprinkle some of the proscuitto around and top with the lobster.

(I meant to garnish with a few pea shoots but completely forgot about them.)

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