Simply depressing

I’d think this a complete joke if the recipe weren’t posted here on the Food Network’s site.

But nope, there it is:  Miss Deen’s taunting face and unrealistic white teeth (come on, no 60 year old smoker has teeth that white) just below the simply titled recipe, “English Peas”.  Surely she’s taken her persona as far as she can with this, and hopefully she’s taken her audience as far as they will allow themselves to be taken.

I for one was not aware that the world was a recipe short for canned peas just a few short hours ago.  And yet it exists, made available by Paula Deen, with just two ingredients:  canned peas and butter.

I’d like to believe that somewhere at this very moment, in a kitchen or studio or dining room, Paula Deen is contriving the perfect recipe that calls for only one ingredient:  butter.  At which point she’ll announce her retirement, leaving us to ponder to what depth exactly a person is willing to go to make a buck as well as the implied question of why is there an audience for a person as this.


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