United’s good luck charm

Yesterday afternoon I watched the first roughly 80 minutes of the Blackburn/United match thinking United were destined for a 0-0 draw.  While that wouldn’t have been the worst result possible, getting all 3 points to move 5 points clear of City with just 7 matches remaining was the desired result.

Just a few minutes before Valencia’s spectacular goal, Erin had come home.  We were sitting on the floor playing with Nate when he thumped it home; not long after Ashley Young made it 2 to guarantee all 3 points for United.

Later in the evening after Nate was in bed, Erin and I were talking, and I told her that she had to watch at least some portion of United’s remaining 7 matches, since she clearly brings good luck when watching them.  I’m not sure she’s too keen on the idea, but what can she do?  If she doesn’t watch and United don’t go on to win their 20th title this season, I’ll probably blame her for it in some small and joking (ok, mostly joking) way.

At any rate, here’s to United winning the title at City’s ground on April 30; that would be just payback for the 6-1 thumping back in October at Old Trafford.


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