So is it better to let them starve?

Michael Bloomberg, petty dictator of New York city, has decreed that donations to homeless shelters are in fact illegal because the government cannot inspect the products for sodium, fat and fiber content.  Because, as we know, diet is the main problem for most homeless people.  The real problems of being homeless, like alcohol and substance abuse along with related mental health disorders must account for little in Bloomberg’s ridiculously narrow view of the world.

The fact that he was elected once was folly enough, but to re-elect him for a second term and then let him tinker with the term limit laws so he could run for a third term just shows how the city of New York has more in common with Venezuela than the rest of this country.  The decree of “You need me more than I need you” is usually spoken by those who are more interested in controlling their “subjects” than any desire to represent the interests of their constituency.  But I digress.

My assumption is that this is Bloomberg’s underhanded attempt to run homeless people out of his domain once and for all, because surely no decent human being would watch a starving person and say “I’m not gonna give you these fries, you really need to be watching your blood pressure and cholesterol”.


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