What the kids are listening to these days

Or at least my 2 and a half year old.

With [alot of] my help Nate and I made a playlist of his favorite songs last week.

It all began because his favorite song is Walls by Shout Out Louds, and ever since he learned that songs have names, he frequently asks “How about listen to some Walls?”

As much as I love the song, hearing it a couple of times a day can get a little tiresome.

Thus I decided to make him a playlist of his own favorite songs on my I-pod.  I obviously knew some of his favorites (the aforementioned song Walls, Need You Now by Cut Copy), but had to play him a bunch to find out whether or not he really liked them or not.

So here it is, Nate’s playlist:

Personally I think the kid has great taste, but then again, these are all songs he knows from riding around town in the back seat or from listening to music at home.  And there are definitely songs he doesn’t like that I do.


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