Snacks for dinner

This past weekend we had more guests and instead of making a typical dinner, I opted instead to make a bunch of snack type food.  Here’s what we had (no pictures):

  • Marinated olives (I used tangerine and coriander seed)
  • Pickled vegetables – carrots, green beans and cauliflower
  • Pork rillettes
  • Duck breast proscuitto
  • Tomato chutney (a friend had given this to us this past summer)
  • Gruyère and thyme gougères
  • Cheeses  – so I didn’t make these, but we had a local goat cheese called “cream of fields” (hahaha), Mahon, and a smoked blue cheese
  • And for dessert I made poached pear frangipane tartlets, which only 2 of us had because everybody else went to bed.

I also served a couple of different types of mustards along with some grapes.  The meal worked for me but I’m not so sure it was quite so popular with everyone.  Oh well.


One thought on “Snacks for dinner

  1. I was one of the lucky guests who enjoyed the snacks Alan has listed. I think my favorite was the gruyere and thyme gougeres. I loved the cheese with the thyme. What a wonderful blending of flavors. Next, duck breast proscuitto, pork rillettes. The olives were amazing. The cheeses were outstanding! I was also the lucky one who enjoyed dessert. I wish I could have eaten two – it was so good. Thank you Alan for a very memorable meal. I will drive 4 hrs just to enjoy your food. It is that good! Thanks Alan! Nancy

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