Fried chicken

I don’t write much about what I cook at home on a regular basis for the sole reason that I don’t think much of it that difficult, special or hard to do.  I recently got to thinking about that and came to the conclusion that it’s really easy for me to cook weeknight dinners because I’ve gone to culinary school and cooked professionally.  I still cook with that mentality – I blanch my vegetables earlier in the day, will cook pasta early, and if I’m braising meat I’ll go ahead and braise it at least a day prior.

Lately I’ve become obsessed with fried chicken, and if it’s on the menu whenever we go out to eat I’ll get it.  Which led me to thinking about frying up some chicken at home for dinner, which we had last night and will have again tonight.  For some reason I’d never fried chicken at home.  And even though the breading on mine tasted the slightest bit burnt (I failed to monitor the oil temperature closely enough), I can assure you that frying chicken at home results in a far superior end result than I’ve ever had in a restaurant.  The breading was remarkably crisp, the meat seasoned well, and the chicken so moist that when I bit into it I had molten liquid shoot onto my hand.

The recipe I followed was not difficult; in fact it came from Alton Brown.

For the full KFC experience I made some mashed potatoes, coleslaw and buttermilk biscuits (the picture of the plate kind of sucks which is why I’m not putting one up, but the food itself was delicious).


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