Why so few posts?

To be honest, I really haven’t felt writing about food much all summer long.  Some may be aware that my father-in-law passed away in July from metastatic prostate cancer.  But what many of you may not be aware of is the impact this man made in my life (aside from being Erin’s dad), and by that I mean he’s the person that encouraged and influenced me the most when it came to food.  I can still remember our first meal at Charlie Trotter’s that opened my eyes as well as the subsequent meals that he treated me to.  Whether it was enjoying a hot dog, going to a spice shop, or helping him make profiteroles, food was our common language for much of the last decade and that helped our relationship overcome some rocky years.  I’m forever grateful for his influence in my life.

Additionally, I’ve been writing some fiction in my spare time, which has left little time or energy to write, especially about something that wasn’t going to give me much joy.

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve just had a difficult 10 or so months which seems to be getting more and more absurd at this point.  I’ve done my best to roll with the punches, but every event has just made writing about food seem more and more frivolous, especially if I wasn’t even going to enjoy it.

As it stands, I’ll write and share when I see fit, whether it be about food, football (I have been enjoying United’s perfect start to the season) or music.


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