Food truck info, listings and news

  • By no means exhaustive, Greg Cox at the News & Observer gives us this list of food trucks in the area, along with their twitter info and website (if available).
  • The kind folks at CarpeDurham have done a little better and have provided a beta version of a food truck locator.
  • The Raleigh city council recently voted to change their rules concerning food trucks, which still leaves much to be desired.  My favorite (and possibly most racist line from the article) is from Raleigh Council member John Odom, who stated that he’s “not looking forward to being like Durham.”  I wonder Mr. Odom, when was the last time you were actually in Durham?  Seeing as I don’t live in Raleigh, I don’t really care what they do with their food truck regulations, but I do mind the civic put down of where I live.
  • And lastly, my very good friend Steve called to inform me that he had his 2nd best cupcake experience this week via a food truck in San Diego (coincidentally this was only his 2nd ever purchase from a food truck).  Thanks for sharing Steve!

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