Not that anyone’s reading this anymore, because it’s been over two months since I’ve posted.  And if you actually came here expecting to find a new post by me, sorry, this isn’t really me writing anything new.

This past summer my father-in-law passed away from prostate cancer and his sons, myself and a friend of the family are participating in Septembeard to raise money for prostate cancer research (in addition to not having to shave for a month).

Click on the image above, or here, if you’re interested in learning more, participating or donating.

Lastly, while thinking about participating in this event it occurred to me that I’ve already known four men to have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and I’m just 36!  And the statistics back up my own experience as to how prevalent the disease is:  1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime; in 2007, 223, 307 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer while 29, 093 men died from the disease in the same year.


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