Seed culture – day 2

I have no idea what happened, but when I woke up today and looked at my starter I was amazed.  Reinhart states that “the dough should not have risen much, if at all, during this time.”  In one day I got a nearly 200% rise.

What to do?  I have no idea, so I’ll just continue on with the recipe for the next 3 days.

In anticipation of the culture oozing all over my counter overnight, I moved it to a different container after I was done adding bread flour and water to it.  I also used cooler water to hopefully slow down the growth a little.

The smell is fine too, yeasty in a beer sort of way.  With that much growth I was expecting maybe an off smell to it, assuming that maybe it got contaminated in some way, but nope, apparently the flour I bought just had shit tons of airborne yeast hanging around.


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