Homemade Sausage – Oxford Horns

In celebration of United making it to the Champions League final (despite the fact they got their asses kicked), I decided to make bangers and mash for dinner this past Saturday.

I’ve made sausage before at home – mainly Italian and breakfast – but have never encased them.

The recipe I used is from The Sausage-Making Cookbook by Jerry Predika, which is really an excellent collection of sausage recipes (even more excellent if you consider that it was published in 1983 at a time when the craft of charcuterie was dying fairly rapidly in this country).  (Some folks on Amazon criticize the book for being light on specifics or conflicting with recommended USDA practices.  Jesus, how hard is it to grind meat and stuff it into casings?  And as for conflicting with USDA standards, for godsake, these are the people who won’t allow us to eat raw cheese or consume raw milk!!)

As for stuffing the sausage with the KitchenAid attachment, the process is made far easier with two people.  And as to where to find the hog casings if you don’t have a butcher nearby, I simply went to the meat counter at Whole Foods and the guy cut me off 12 feet.  As it turned out, the thing most difficult item to find was fresh marjoram, but find it I did.

As for the sausages I made, they came out perfect and tasted exactly how I wanted them to.  I’m pretty eager to make some other recipes, chiefly Merguez and Toulouse and maybe some blood sausages if I can find fresh pigs blood, and I might consider doing some dry sausages much later in the year when the temperature has dropped.


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