Well, that sucked

Two years later and not much has changed.  Barcelona are still the better team and United had few, if any answers.  Every United fan could and probably will question Sir Alex’s tactics (no appearance from Fletcher, Berba not included in the squad), but let’s face it, Barca were simply better.

Just as in Rome our team started brightly, and just as in Rome after about 10 minutes Barca started pressing and dominating possession.  It took them longer to score their opening goal this time, but everyone could see it coming long before Pedro broke through.  At least this time United played well enough for the remainder of the half and even equalised through Rooney and Giggs.

But a minute or two into the second half and it was clear that United were outclassed.  For the last 45 minutes United were simply outplayed by a team who deserved the win.  No amount of substitutions was going to stem the tide.

This season wasn’t for nought though.  Winning the 19th title was always the prime goal and that was accomplished.  Now the focus can be turned to signing some new players this summer – hopefully some midfield players, and figuring a way to regain away form.

Now for the CONCACAF Gold Cup and Bob Bradley’s strange (and possibly suicidal?) roster to divert my attention.


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