Proposed menu for this Friday

This Friday is my mother-in-law’s birthday and as my gift to her I’m making what the following menu:

  1. Roast shallot custard, fried shallot, chive
  2. Fava bean, escarole, serrano and mint with sherry vinaigrette
  3. Mussels, lobster broth, bay leaf, Anadama roll
  4. Halibut, ‘bourride’, choriza, wax beans
  5. Oxtail ravioli, mushrooms, Idiazabal, mustard greens and beef consomme
  6. Profiteroles with salted caramel ice cream

Of course all of this could change subject to availability:  The shallot custard, oxtail ravioli and dessert are all pretty set (I’ve already made the dessert so that’s definitely good to go).  The salad course could change from fava bean to black eyed peas or something like that, while the lobster broth is currently shrimp because I don’t have lobster stock, but that will hopefully change. 

And there’s been a suggestion that they’re supposed to be bringing some foie gras, for which I’m prepared.  I’ve got some sauce leftover from a pot roast we had the past couple of nights, which has balsamic and raisin elements in it which will go with some rosemary grits.

I’m looking forward to it.


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