How I’ve actually managed to lose weight (and get fit) while taking up baking

I never got back into riding last autumn like I’d wanted to, which is a shame, because it’s something I really enjoy.  It’s just very hard to work into the schedule with a 20-month old.

Instead of getting pissed off about it though I started working out in late October of last year.  Erin had bought the P90X series some years back when we lived in Chicago, and I’d always sort of scoffed at it.  Until I became unhappy with the weight I’d put on since I’d become a relatively inert stay-at-home dad.  And now I’m addicted.

Since late October, I’ve lost around 12 pounds.  That may not sound like much, but you have to consider that during that time I’ve also managed to put on muscle while taking several inches off here and there.  I’ve gone down 2 belt notches and can fit into pants, comfortably, that I couldn’t squeeze into a year ago.

This isn’t to say that P90X is solely responsible, because I have cut down on my calorie in-take as well, most notably the amount of calories I drink.  I’ve reduced myself to one can of soda a day (I don’t drink coffee or tea so I need my Mountain Dew in the morning) and have cut back on the amount of alcohol I consume.  It’s possible (I guess) that just based on calorie reduction I could have lost weight, but most likely not.  Cutting calories alone isn’t going to get you into shape, and most likely if I was just to diet, I’d have given up ages ago.

But the P90X videos have been fun to do and the program works well with the stay-at-home parent schedule.  I can do more now at the age of 35 than I could at any other age in my life.  And though I scoffed at first at the yoga routine in the program, I’ve learned to really enjoy it and have come to realize that it has made me more flexible than at any other point in my life, even with the back surgery I had as a teenager.

And the greatest part is that I just found out last week they’re producing a second set to the series, that’s supposed to come out late summer.  I can’t wait for it.


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