Cinnamon buns

After a week or so of not baking I made cinnamon buns yesterday. 

The procedure is pretty straightforward:  make dough, let it rise, roll out, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, roll up, cut, proof, bake, glaze.

The process took me a good deal longer than it should have, most likely because my buttermilk was a little too cold along with the temperature in my kitchen.  So both the initial rise and the proofing took about twice as long as the recipe indicated.  But this worked in my favor, allowing me to stain some shelving as well as getting my workout in.

You can retard the buns in the fridge overnight or for two days, but you’d have to allow them to proof at room temp for four hours then, so there’s no hope of having straight out of the oven cinnamon buns for breakfast (unless you wake up at 3 to pull them out of the fridge and then go back to sleep).

The end result is definitely well worth it.  What separates Reinhart’s recipe from others is the citrus element, in the dough as well as the icing.  As for the glaze, I didn’t feel like buying lemon or orange extract, so I zested 1 lemon and steeped that in the milk, which I then strained before pouring it into the powdered sugar.  It worked out great and I’m surprised it isn’t listed as an option.

I highly recommend this recipe.  I’ve made cinnamon buns in the past and most likely didn’t let them proof at room temp long enough, so I’ll have to revisit that recipe and see which I prefer.


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