The kwanzaa cake from Hell

Late last week I read this article written by one Denise Vivaldo, which was linked from a blog I read pretty regularly.

For those not aware as to what the kwanzaa cake is, here’s a link to nobody’s culinary hero, Sandra Lee “making” it.

Yes, it is that fucking terrible.  It’s so bad it might even make you want to lock your kids in the house and never show them a television for their first 18 years of life.

I suppose then that it should come as no shock that Sandra Lee doesn’t come up with her own shit, but for anyone, someone, to actually admit that they’re the one really responsible is pretty remarkable.

And the argument (or really lame ass excuse) that she just needed the money is total bullshit.  Plenty of people need money but the draw the line presumably before becoming a whore and culinary terrorist.

In the spirit of the season of giving and sharing, having read this makes me hate Sandra Lee just a little bit less and makes me really hate Denise Vivaldo much, much more.


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