Favorite Albums of 2010

9.  Nerve Up by Lonelady

Stark production, reminiscent of old New Order & R.E.M., refreshing compared to so much of the over processed crap these days.

8.  The Fool by Warpaint

Songs that float and feel more like jazz compositions than traditional rock.  Inventive bass playing.

7.  Contra by Vampire Weekend

Catchy songs to drive to, to dance with Nate to, to drink to, to listen to.

6.  Barking by Underworld

A surprise from beginning to end, ending 11 years of drought.  It’s heaven.

5.  Total Life Forever by Foals

Rich and complex, I just discovered this album two weeks ago but it made the list.

4.  Crazy For You by Best Coast

So this is how it feels to be a teenage girl?

3.  The Morning After the Night Before by James

What I’ve come to expect from James – meaningful, well thought out songs that resonate on many levels.

2.  Work by Shout Out Louds

This album is to me at 35 what The Cure’s Disintegration was to me at 15.  Possibly the most under-rated album of the year.

1.  This is Happening by LCD Soundsystem


Was there ever any doubt?  Funny, wry, catchy, danceable and meaningful (most of the time).


Now for the flip side:

There’s only two bands that came in far lower than expectations this year, and they are Broken Social Scene for Forgiveness Rock Record and The Courteeners for Falcon.  Both just bore the fucking pants off of me, are overblown and are shockingly bad considering the previous work from both bands.  If setting the bar low for future work is a career goal, then both bands have achieved some measure of success with shit albums.

And why no Arcade Fire on the album list?  I don’t think it’s that good of an album.  A handful of really good songs does not a fine album make (and Win Butler, please leave the word “kids” off all future work, it’s becoming a bit laughable).


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