This week’s international dish. . .

. . .is a very minor variation on the Gordon Ramsay recipe for tandoori halibut I wrote about last week.  Really, all I’m doing is changing the halibut to salmon.  Not very inspiring perhaps, but it’s tasty.  I needed something easy and familiar this week because on Friday I’m cooking a 6 course dinner for my in-laws who are coming down for a visit. 

So that’ll be dinner tomorrow and Thursday night.

The dinner on Friday you ask?  It’s a few things I’ve done recently plus a few I haven’t:

  • Watermelon with 3 garnishes, Maldon sea salt, balsamic reduction (made that for the veg meal about a month ago)
  • Blistered corn soup, popcorn and tomato powder
  • Eggplant ravioli, tomato emulsion, olive, chive (again from the veggie meal, but you’re probably wondering where the hell the meat is by now?)
  • Shrimp and grits, bacon, mushrooms, corn, shrimp emulsion.  Look familiar to anyone?  I did this with Dean.  Hopefully my supply of shrimp shells comes through for me – I’ll find out tomorrow.
  • Braised short rib, smoked eggplant, sweet potato, red onion marmalade, rosemary (this one is totally new, never made it, never eaten it.  I’ll reduce the braising liquid with a good dose of rosemary to create the sauce.  The eggplant will be a puree – I’m going to peel and slice the eggplant, then smoke it and if necessary finish by roasting before I put it in a blender and finally through a strainer.  The sweet potato is going to be fried, much thinner and wider than fries, so hopefully they curl a little and are super crunchy.  I’ll season with Maldon and a little rosemary).
  • Peach crepes, orange and cardamom ice cream, caramel sauce

I think it all sounds pretty tasty but I’m most looking forward to making the short rib dish, if only because it’s totally my own.


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