Getting back on the saddle

That’s right, before I went to culinary school and had shitty hours, before I had a child and had shitty hours (not necessarily shitty at this point, just demanding), I was really into riding my road bike.

With fall approaching, as well as an expanding waistline, it’s time for me to get the bike out for the first time since we moved down here to NC.  I know at first it’s going to kill me, because I got very used to riding around Chicago where there are no hills.  Now we live in the piedmont with beautiful, rolling hills.  But with the heat abating some I should feel better about this than I would have if I’d started in July.

First things first though.  This weekend I need to change out the tubes and tires that are on there and early next week I need to get my bike to the shop for a tune-up and a glance to see if anything major has gone wrong with it while it’s been sitting there unused for the past couple of years.

And then late next week and next weekend I’ll look to ride, with my goal being to do a 30 some odd mile ride by Halloween.  I can’t wait for my ass to hurt.


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