I’ve been watching a ton of soccer and now the Tour de France is filling in the gaps in the mornings.

There’s not been much to write about other than the World Cup.  The US’s run was disappointing, having been knocked out by Ghana in consecutive tournaments.  The games were exciting but our team should have done better than the results indicate.

I have to admit that of all the teams that could have made it to the final for this Sunday, Spain and Holland are two of my least favorite teams.  Spain bore me to tears while I simply can’t stand the Dutch style of tackling ridiculously hard yet we’ll dive and flop all over the ground if you dare breath on us.  I’ll be watching and hoping that one of their players breaks a leg – hopefully Nigel de Jong.  That’d be just payment for what he did to one of our players in a friendly match earlier this year.  And grudgingly I’ll hope that Spain win, though I’m sure it won’t be pretty and I’ll yawn quite a bit and I really won’t give a shit.

Food wise there’s not much to write about.  We’re headed to the Outer Banks soon and I have to admit that it’s disheartening to see the dining options there.  Most of it’s deep fried seafood.  I’m all for the deep fryer, but when you’re on the coast why does everything have to be fried?  You could practically eat the shit raw, so why bread it and fry it? 

At least I’ll eat well one night when I’ll be making Moroccan spiced grilled chicken with Israeli couscous and some sort of salad or chickpea dish.  I’m bringing most of the ingredients with me because I’m just not that sure of the availability of things like Isreali couscous on the coast.  I’m also bringing some not so standard ingredients with me like preserved lemons and Spanish chorizo.  You can never be too prepared, especially if I can find some place with excellent fresh seafood.

While I’m talking about food, we were watching Top Chef DC last night and I very much enjoyed their first challenge, which was to cook a meal that could be pureed for infants.  However I take issue with on of the winners who made a salmon and lobster dish.  I can appreciate that not everyone knows the dietary restrictions of an infant, but a fish/shellfish dish should not have won, no matter good it may have been, on the grounds that an infant shouldn’t even eat it.

That’s about all for now.  Nate turns a year old in less than two weeks, so I’ll have to put together a meal of his favorites for him, which really isn’t that hard.  I could really just give him a plate full of fruit and he’d be happy as a clam.


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