Motivated salesmanship

I’m probably the last person who’s read any of the accounts of the owners of Crumb Bakery in Raleigh.  If you’re behind me, then here’s an article.

I’m not one for the customers weird demands and such, but calling a woman a “fat cunt” on your public Twitter page is probably not the best way to win customers over, unless you’re opening an S&M shop, in which case it may be a prerequisite to doing business.

Their slogan (which is what got the “fat cunt’s” titties in a twist in the first place) was pretty bad as well:  So Good It Makes Fat People Cry.  I’m no marketing expert, but that really doesn’t entice my taste buds in the least.  In fact the image of fat people weeping while eating cupcakes is a little revolting.

One would assume that their business will go tits up before it even opens up, unless those are some really good cupcakes.  But getting people in the door to try them at this point may be a bigger challenge.


2 thoughts on “Motivated salesmanship

  1. Wow…that’s sad. They’re probably not even really good cupcakes. The whole cupcake phenomenon is just a fad created by people too lazy to make full size cakes. 🙂

  2. The tail end of the cupcake craze is upon us I think, so opening up a cupcake shop only probably isn’t a great idea, let alone insulting potential customers. As many times as I’ve wanted to call a customer (or boss) any number of things to their face, I’ve never done it.

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