Cooking for a picky eater

This past weekend one of Erin’s coworkers – a self-avowed picky eater – came over for dinner.

Among the restricted items that I remember, because there were a lot of them, were whole tomatoes, sushi, mint, shrimp (really there is suspicion of all seafood though she’s trying to change that).

So here’s what I made, which clearly pushed the envelope a bit:

The first course was gazpacho garnished with a ceviche of bay scallops.  You’re probably thinking, but sushi was out, so why risk it.  Maybe she didn’t know what ceviche really is, but she ate it.  The soup however didn’t seem to be a big hit with her, though Nate would disagree if he had any vocabulary skills.  Instead he chooses to continue to open his mouth when presented with a spoonful of gazpacho.

Up next I played it safer, with pan roasted halibut, fingerling potatoes, fennel, radish and a tarragon vinaigrette:

This was a huge hit, as I suspected it might be.  I was going to go with a tarragon puree but it wasn’t working with me, so I took my watery ass puree and made it into a vinaigrette.  This turned out to be better than the simple puree, an accident I’m glad happened.

For dessert I made almond shortbread cookies with raspberries and cream:

I’ve made this before and it’s really quite delicious. 

Up next are some posts concerning the World Cup as well as the prep work I’ve been doing for our open house/England vs USA viewing on June 12.


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