Celebration dinner

This weekend – specifically Sunday – we’re having a couple over who are friends of ours to celebrate our new house and her recent promotion.

Here’s a rundown of what will likely be the menu for the evening:

  1. Soup – either vichysoisse garnished with truffle oil or chilled pea (depending on what’s available at the farmer’s market on Saturday) soup garnished with some sort of shellfish and truffle oil
  2. Salmon tartare with lemon jam, chives, olive oil and pommes guafrette
  3. Goat cheese and chive (ramps if I can find them) ravioli with braised rainbow chard and a roasted vegetable broth
  4. Littleneck clams with Spanish chorizo, pine nuts, lemon confit
  5. Braised lamb shank risotto with asparagus (or peas), pearl onions, piquillo peppers and some sort of shaved, hard cheese (hopefully Idiazabal if I can find it)
  6. Strawberry crepes with rhubarb compote, whipped cream and mint

This weekend’s supposed to be pretty warm, so I’m trying to reflect that with what I’m making.

Hope everyone’s enjoying Spring.  Nate and I just got back from a nice drive with the windows down and the sunroof open.  He slept of course, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’ll try to have photos of the meal up by Monday.


2 thoughts on “Celebration dinner

  1. Thanks Rama.

    I got done today everything I wanted to, which was making the lemon jam, braising the lamb and par-cooking the risotto.

    Tomorrow I hope to make freeze the ravioli, make the veggie broth and make the crepes.

    That way all I’ll have to do on Sunday is some light knife work and some other small prep work.

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