Not up to much

I probably won’t be posting too much here over the course of the next month, as there’s not too much to report since we’re in the midst of a month-or-so-long home buying/repairing/moving extravaganza.

Next Tuesday we close on the house and after that I suspect I won’t have much free time on my hands, between packing, driving the 25 minutes each way to the new house to make sure the contractors do what they’re supposed to on time and on budget, all while having Nate in tow. 

This weekend however my in-laws are coming into town and we’re going to Heron’s Restaurant in the Umstead Hotel and Spa.  We’re excited about eating here (there aren’t that many places down here that offer tasting menus or great service) and are hopeful that it lives up to expectations (however low they may be).

This past weekend our friend Dean hosted us for a black box dinner (the tables were turned this time and we brought the ingredients).  I thought he did an excellent job, especially given the fact that it’s an odd time of year ingredient wise – not quite spring but everyone’s sick of the winter vegetables – and I think we threw some curveballs in there.

And that’s about it for now.


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