Saw this one coming from a mile away

Surprise surprise, some politican wants to ban the use of salt in restaurants and has actually gone so far as to draft legislation to do so.  Fortunately it’s in New York state, so I don’t really care, though New York usually sets the trend that other states follow when it comes to over reaching legislation.

Part of me hopes that this bill passes, just so all those arrogant fuckers who banned smoking in restaurants and banned trans fats have to suffer with bland food.  The problem with a slippery slope is once you’re on it god only knows where you end up.

Having lived in Chicago during the foie gras ban I know how painful something like this can be, but foie gras isn’t an essential ingredient to making food taste good (some may disagree with me on this point, foie gras after all is pretty tasty).  But guess what?  We were able to get foie gras pretty much anywhere we went, and sales of the fatty duck liver actually went up during the ban.

And for those who think this is a great idea, I’ll let you in on a little secret about how food is prepared in restaurants.  Seasoning is done in layers.  If you take salt away, people will be amazed at just how bad food is, and probably end up staying at home.

However sad this attempt may seem at trying to ban salt, at some point it will probably work and get passed, and chefs who matter will have to break the law to continue to serve delicious food.  Will politicians (and the people who support them and their hairbrained ideas) ever learn that prohibition isn’t an effective means of controlling anything?

Just how cool will it be to have salt speakeasies, where instead of a bunch of drunks, you just have a lot of people on blood pressure medication sitting around eating really well?


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