For lunch this week – Italian subs; next week’s menu

Here’s the mise en place for the Italian sandwiches I’ve been making myself all week:

The ingredients are pretty basic (bread, ham, Genoa salami, oregano, a sliced plum tomato, olive oil, red wine vinegar, sliced onion, chiffonade of Romaine hearts and provolone cheese).

And here’s the final product (minus the bread on top, to show how awesomely delicious this is):

It’s pretty easy and beats going to Jersey Mikes or somewhere else that charge $6 or $7 per sandwich.  I have most of these ingredients hanging around most of the time anyway, so the cost is actually far lower than eating out somewhere.


I’ve finalized the menu for next week when my longtime friend Jeremy will be in town.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Monday – braised pork belly with braised Napa cabbage, lentils and sauce Robert
  • Tuesday – pan roasted halibut with fingerlings, pole wax beans, Spanish chorizo and a sherry/soy beurre blanc
  • Wednesday – sweetbreads with asparagus, pearl onions, frisee, sweet potato fondant and beef/madeira jus
  • Thursday – crispy braised chicken thighs (from Ad Hoc) with olives, fennel and potato pancakes
  • Friday – chicken and dumplings

And for something to have around to nibble on I’m going to make a pate de campagne this weekend (having procured a pork liver earlier today for the low price of $2.50).


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