March 2 to do

Yesterday was a pretty successful day.  The only items I didn’t get around to were making the potatoes and lentils for Nate, which wasn’t a big deal since he still has lunch and dinner.

I’ll figure out a time to put the recipes in, though it may have to wait until the weekend.

For today:

  • Confit duck legs
  • Reduce the duck stock with star anise
  • Prep dinner for tomorrow night (duck breast, roast eggplant, candied red onions, polenta) – I’ll roast the eggplant and candy the red onions today to reduce my workload tomorrow
  • Check out a lighting store in Durham
  • Bring in some firewood for tonight
  • Continue organizing the garage (almost done) and work on the laundry room a bit
  • Make potato/leek puree and celery root puree for Nate

One thought on “March 2 to do

  1. Never have I had “reduce duck stock” on my “to-do” list. Maybe I should start a “to-do” list on my blog? All sorts of fun budget and mortgage stuff!

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