Another tasty combo

I don’t want to turn this blog solely into baby food recipes, but hey, it’s part of what I do and it’s food.  And until Nate starts getting some teeth in we’ve got to come up with something tasty for him to eat while still introducing him to new foods.

Thus I arrived at mixing avocado and banana together yesterday.  Not an earth shattering combo to be sure, but it requires absolutely no cooking.  Even the busiest of parents should be able to find the time to mush together half a banana and half an avocado with a fork.  Add some bacon finely chopped to the mix and we have a real winner that would be a nice spread on a club sandwich in lieu of mayo.

Last week I did do the cous cous with butternut squash, blended together.  It wasn’t really my cup of tea – I thought the cous cous became a bit too gummy plus I’m not a huge fan of cous cous anyway – but Nate seemed to enjoy it.

If anyone has any food combinations let me know.  I don’t mind cooking, but they can’t include eggs (even cooked), citrus, berries, honey, fish, strawberries and nuts.  Spices are fine though and we’re thinking of introducing him to the components of general curry (ginger, turmeric, coriander).


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