A breakfast even I want

Nate’s been eating solid foods since he was two months old.  We started with cereals, then at Thanksgiving moved to ‘real’ food.  One by one we’ve been introducing him to foods like butternut squash, sweet potato, peas, carrot, apple, parsnip, cous cous and his personal favorite – bananas.

Recently we started adding cinnamon to some of these, especially for breakfast.  And the past couple of days his breakfast has been outstanding – whole wheat cereal with apple and cinnamon.  Every morning when I feed him I get a little taste of it myself.

The process is pretty simple – peel and cut up a bunch of apples (1 apple will eventually equal about 3-4 ounces of puréed food).  Put the cut apple in a sauté pan and add about a quarter inch or so of water to the bottom.  Heat to a simmer and continue cooking until the apple pieces are soft and cooked through (about 8 minutes or so).

Remove the apple pieces and place in a blender, blend until puréed.  Cool and then store.

For the cereal we reheat the apple purée and just add enough cereal  to achieve the right consistency, then add a little ground cinnamon.

To date this really is the most flavorful thing we’ve fed Nate.  This week we’re looking to add some puréed protein (maybe chicken) to his diet, as well as maybe avocado.  We may also introduce him to mint (with his pea purée).


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