This week’s menu & some latest news about where I just left

Not working has brought out the inner housewife in me. Aside from the cleaning and laundry duties though, I’ve been able to focus on cooking what I want to cook.

This week’s menu is as follows:

Monday (and leftovers Tuesday) – I’m making the crispy braised chicken thigh recipe from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc. The thighs get braised with fennel, Cerignola olives and lemon (along with the usual suspects of white wine, chicken stock, onion & garlic). I’m thinking of making potato pancakes to have with it because we need some starch and we have a lot of potatoes we need to get rid of.

Wednesday I’m making duck breasts that will be pan roasted a top butter braised brussels sprouts, kohlrabi and radish (another Ad Hoc recipe). I’ve got a black currant duck jus in my freezer which will likely be the sauce to have with this.

Thursday we’re having stuffed peppers – no fuss, easy and delicious – and we’ll probably have the leftovers on Saturday.

And Friday I’m making crispy duck confit with a mushroom ragout with frisee (the awkward lettuce) and polenta. I’m thinking of making a brandy (or whiskey) beurre blanc to serve over top of this.


On a different note I found out last night that the Chef I just worked for was fired on Friday night. Part of me was surprised but a large part of me wasn’t so much. I kind of saw it coming but am surprised at how quickly it came. The whole situtation is too bad because he’s a hell of a cook and a decent guy, just the situation at the end (see the posts regarding my resignation as evidence) was well, just not good.

He and I had several discussions in my last weeks about the state of the restaurant and the situation with the owners and I know how hard everything had been on him. Last night he called me up and we had a nice (if brief) chat about it all. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again – hell, maybe we’ll go have brunch together at our now former restaurant.


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