I have three days of work left and getting to the finish line has been an arduous task.  Both Wednesday (my pay was tinkered with) and yesterday (yesterday was th oddest day I’ve worked yet, I may go into it later) I almost said “Fuck it” and walked out the door.  But I think I can make it at this point, maybe. 

The temptation to come home to play with Nate and Erin is enormous, especially as the bullshit mounts.  But after Sunday I’ll be able to hang out with them for a little while.

Next week we’re travelling to Virginia to spend Christmas with our families (both our families live half a mile apart).  After that we’ll be coming back for a low key New Year’s Eve for which I’ve already bought a pheasant and made the sauce (I reduced a pot of chicken stock and added an apply brandy reduction along with more apple scraps, thyme and mustard seed, which yielded about a cup of sauce).

And during this time I’ll be looking for a new job at a restaurant that’s both closer to home and closed on Sundays (or at least lets me have Sundays off).  But until then I’m going to simply try to enjoy my time at home, cooking for both Erin and Nate and keeping the house clean.


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