Both sous chefs at work are both on their way out.  I gave notice a couple of weeks ago while the other guy has no idea he’s going to be fired.  I’ve tried hinting to him, but he seems unable to detect that I’m trying to do him a favor.

So our short-term status has turned us into bitches (or donkeys if you prefer).  Yesterday my day began at 10 a.m. and didn’t conclude until 10:30 last night.  Not unheard of in the world of cooking, but each of my 5 days is essentially that, and for really no reason.  It’s not like there’s that much shit to do.  Yesterday I had everything done by 4, and that included being expo during lunch.

And  then tonight the chef has the balls to come up to me to try to get me to stay, when one (of several, mind you) of my complaints is that I just don’t get to see my family enough.  Fuck off.

There’s clearly much more going on at work than I care to go into in any amount of detail, but stations are being closed by people who haven’t worked them because the chef has favorites and has sent them home.  All pretense of our line being a team has been thrown out the window, and it’s basically 2 or 3 other cooks and the two sous chefs who pick up all the slack, especially closing (where I’m a firm believer in everybody sharing in it, even if that means a fair rotation in the schedule).  Some people never close, ever, and that’s complete bullshit.

If there were a real reason for me to have such shit hours all of a sudden I wouldn’t have any problem with it.  It’s the holidays and it’s to be expected.  But when I see so many other people having it easy, it’s hard (really hard) to give a shit, especially when I’ve already given notice.

I don’t want to come across as bitching, because I’m really not.  I’m just calling out terrible managerial practices.  I’d initially told my chef that I’d be willing to work for or with him somewhere else, but the last couple of weeks have been eye opening, and I seriously doubt that I would be willing to do either of those things at any point in the future.  Which is too bad, because I’ve tried to end this amicably.  Unfortunately the other party just doesn’t want it to be that way.


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