After some lengthy consideration I informed my chef that I’ll be working through to the end of the year and then I’m done, with my last day being New Years’ Eve (not a bad last day if you ask me).

I currently have nothing lined up but am not too worried about it.  There are certainly options closer to home that I’ll be visiting in the next few weeks to drop off my resume at.

My breaking point came last week with the unilateral decision by the owner to water down the menu while also informing us that we have to cut all the line cooks down to 4 shifts per week.  For October we ran a 26% food cost and a labor cost in the 10-13% range, both of which are well below the industry standard (especially the labor cost, and we’re being asked to cut it even further?).

There’s not much left to cut other than the soul out of the restaurant, which is clearly happening already and is a sad thing indeed.  I can’t be part of purchasing pate from D’Artagnan because we don’t have the time (or staff) to make our own.  Not that it’s happened yet, but chef has threatened to do so as a big ‘fuck you’ to the owners.  And I can’t fight his battle, no matter how noble it is, because I have to devote my energy to being a better husband and dad.

But right now I’m still focused on my job, finding a new one as well as enjoying Thanksgiving and trying to enjoy the Christmas season for all the right reasons (instead of the consumerism that has taken over our culture).


5 thoughts on “Done

  1. Hope you’re able to get a job lined up soon.
    I’m in that boat too right now. I’ll be done with school at the end of December and am sending resumes out to local and non-loacal restaurants hoping to hear something.

    Enought about me though. Hope things look up for you soon and that you’re able to find something!

  2. I know the feeling about the going a different direction than when you first got there. I appreciate your conviction to be a great husband and father to your family. Good Luck on your search.

  3. Working in the kitchen is a big sacrifice. You left a better paying cushy office job to be a chef so there’s no point in being in a kitchen you aren’t happy in. If you are going to be busting your a** for 12-16 hrs better be happy doing it. Good luck. There will always be jobs for good chefs.

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