A bad sign

The owner of the restaurant I work at is about to dumb down the menu. 

Pommes puree is about to become mashed potatoes, lentils de puy will just be lentils, sauce bordelaise will interestingly become veal reduction (despite the fact it isn’t, but I guess that’s beside the point).  No more beurre blanc, beurre noir or maitre d’hotel butter.  And the most laughable is the deletion of the the phrase “du jour”.  Really?

I know business is a little slow but it’s not like we’re bleeding money.  And if they hadn’t noticed, this country is still in the midst of a deep recession, despite what adminstration officials may crow.

I can only think these changes will alienate our core customers, as they already alienated most of the kitchen tonight.

And finally, it’s not as if I needed another reason to leave, but this is the final straw. 

It’s unfortunate really, but ultimately it’s the owner’s money and he can have the menu say whatever it is he wants, no matter how wrong he is.


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