The worst decision I made this year

Back in the late spring/early summer period Erin asked me if I was interested in the sous chef job that was open at that time, or if I would ever be interested.  At the time I replied no for a couple of reasons, the first being that the structure of the company is more corporate, with layers of management – a scenario I know hasn’t worked out for me in the past.

A few later I was approached about the sous chef job after I’d already had a discussion with the chef about it.  I was tired and worn down at the time – Erin was still in the hospital with postpartum depression at the time, we clearly had mounting medical bills and I’d already missed a couple of weeks of work while on an hourly rate.  So I agreed to do it.

After two and a half months of being a sous chef I can say firmly I just don’t like my job, for all of the reasons I thought I wouldn’t.  It’s not that I don’t want to be a sous chef or more, it’s just not for this company or at this restaurant.

I recognize the fact that bullshit is going to exist wherever I end up, but I’m done with the fact that I get reprimanded for shit that happens on days when I’m off, or for shit well out of my control, especially when the other sous chef hears none of it.

Another thing well out of their control is that I’m tired of the commute which has turned into a 30 minute drive of dread.  All I can wonder is what am I going to walk into, what didn’t somebody do or what has someone fucked up.  Or are 150 people all going to be sat at once while I’m on expo (which happened to me this past Friday without any warning). 

There’s plenty of restaurants considerably closer to our home that are just as good (and in some cases better), and honestly I just want to see more of Erin and Nate right now.

Fortunately the situation isn’t anything like it was a year ago for me when I had to escape the asylum I was working at that then.  The food is good and the line cooks I get to work with are, for the most part, good people.  If I was still at the line cook level I could stay for a while longer, but as a sous chef I’ve gotta go.


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