Playing Dad at work

I’m slowly beginning to dislike Wednesdays.  They’re my first day back after two days off, and my day starts at 10:45 and ends about the same time 12 hours later.  And for both shifts I’m expo.

But yesterday may have been the most annoying, until I crossed over and worked the line because we had some big parties.  For a while during the evening service I was dealt the usual barrage of inane bullshit questions.  Like “I have a customer who wants a quiche Lorraine, can we do that?”. 

“No”, with a shake of the head without even looking up was my response.  After dealing with shit like that for an hour or so I was then informed that the bartender had cut herself and was told/requested to go deal with it.  She was in the office and cut herself with a serrated knife.  At first it looked pretty bad, really bad in fact.  But I got her to wash her hand off and as it turned out she cut through two of her fingernails.  No doubt extremely painful, but that’s what nails are for.  I made her sit down in the office so she wouldn’t pass out while I wrapped her fingers in bandaids and then gave her some finger cots for the rest of her shift (from my own supply since the restaurant I work at doesn’t have a first-aid kit – what the fuck is that by the way?)

After dealing with the bartender’s fingers, we fortunately got busy enough that I had to jump over and assist on the line.  Thank god, I was so sick of hearing my own name at this point and was all too happy just to work the line.  So that’s what I did for a while, until it died down some and then I was fortunate enough to place orders and do some adminstrative stuff so that I didn’t have to stand around and handle bullshit questions.

And now I’m gearing up to expo tomorrow night, only this time we have a full line and there’s no way out of it.


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