Time change

Parents and pet owners are all aware of this, but the time change is really not much fun, especially with a 3 month old, a dog and a cat.

This morning all three were up and at ’em at about 4 in the morning, each looking for their breakfast.  Erin was so tired that she buried her head under a pillow, which left me to deal with it all.  

The animals dealt with things far better than Nate, who was having none of this “I’m so tired, just wait one more hour”.  He wanted to be fed, now.  So I fed him while the animals looked on at the injustice of it all, no doubt wondering “Where the fuck is mine, asshole?”.  And then he spit up all over my shirt before going back to sleep.  Nothing says “Thanks Dad” like fresh spit up.

Everyone survived the morning however, though I can’t say I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning.


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