Today’s Thursday

Which means I get to do paperwork when I get to work.  Specifically, I get to enter all the invoice totals into a spreadsheet along with the revenue from food sales and calculate our food cost percentage for the past week. 

It’s actually pretty easy, until people who belong in a big corporation get their hands on the process.  Last week the accountant complained that I wasn’t writing the totals on the top of invoices as well as not stapling each companies invoices together.  Oh the horror!  It struck of not including a cover sheet on my TPS report, and it really reminded me of one of the reasons I left the corporate world – because it’s full of people who have too much time on their hands and create processes that are nothing more than a bunch of bullshit and justifications for their job.

I’m not even sure why I’m calculating the food cost percent since we have an accountant.  When I told her that the totals were in the spreadsheet and that it seemed redundant (to say the least) to write the totals on the top of the paper (especially when they appear at the bottom of the page), her only defense was that the spreadsheet had a different purpose.  Whatever you fucking cow.  Her attitdue was one of “You’re just a stupid cook, what do you know”, so I just let it drop.

I threatened to write everything in the Zodiac killer’s code, and if this woman keeps acting the bitch, that’s just what she’s going to get.


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