Odds and ends

I don’t have much to write about at the moment, other than to say I’ve been thinking about this blog and various posts – I’m working on a fairly lengthy post about the past couple of months which included having a child, having a very sick wife (twice) and getting a promotion.

Tonight I learned that mussels that are tempura battered and deep fried are absolutely delicious and are reminiscent of deep fried oysters (not unsurprisingly I suppose).  I first cooked the mussels normally (white wine, shallots, garlic, nage, salt and butter), once they were dead I put them in an ice bath, removed them from the shell, then proceeded with the battering and frying. 

I’ve also learned to have to deal with a fair amount of bullshit decision making on the fly while at work.  Things like “Can we substitute this for that?”, “My cooler isn’t working” , “Can I show a guest a quail egg”, etc.  It’s as if no one in the kitchen is capable of making their own decisions, which for all I know (and suppose) really is for the best.  I suspect most people aren’t up to the challenge.

My current favorite cookbook is A Return to Cooking by Eric Ripert.  This week I began preserving lemons at home in the hopes of having them available 10 days before Christmas and that night made one of the dishes from said cookbook.  I’d post a photo but am currently unaware as to the location of our camera, so next time.  The dish called for cod (I used halibut because Whole Foods had no cod), which I cooked the fuck out of on one side before flipping and finishing in the oven for a minute or two.  For the accompaniment julienne some Spanish chorizo (not that Mexican shit), saute with some butter then add some wax beans that you’ve preblanched (I used purple wax beans which I learn turn green when cooked – who knew?).  (I also added fingerling potatoes which I’d preblanched as well).  The sauce was 2 T soy sauce, 2T sherry wine vin, 2 tsp each of minced shallot and ginger, 5 drops of Tabasco, bring to a boil, then whisk in a fair amount of butter.  Season. 

The whole thing was really good, I think Erin finished her plate before I did.  Plus it was quick, easy and relatively cheap (I have a lot of odd shit in my pantry so I didn’t have to go buy anything for the sauce).

And next week Erin returns to work, which will be another big adjustment week for us.  Nate’s been enrolled in daycare (they call themselves preschool, but let’s be honest, the boy clearly doesn’t yet understand language, can’t roll over and can only minimally hold his own head up).  That’s not to say I’m not proud of him and his ability to smile when I’m not in the room, I just refuse to be one of those parents who is all “My 5 year old reads at a 5th grade level”.  That’s all great, but I suspect by the sheer amount of fucking idiots who inhabit this country (and whom I deal with on a fairly regular basis), that all the once genius 5 year olds slowed down quite a bit a few years on in their mental development.  But that’s just a casual observation.

Enjoy your weekends everyone.


6 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. Are those fried mussels on the restaurant’s menu? Man oh man.

    And all of my kids read at a 5th grade level, so take that. Oh, yeah, so what if a couple of them are in high school?

  2. They seem the same to me. Someone gave us what we have so I’m not aware of the cost, but it’s funny you should reply about this because I just gave some to the cat and the dog cleaned up the mess left behind.

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